Tai Chi Globe Membership is the perfect introduction to Tai Chi and Qigong.  Our friendly, informal classes are safe, relaxed and fun to attend.  


Getting started is easy.  From just £30 a month, enjoy:

  • Live In-person classes:
    Continue in-person classes with our silver membership.  

    Silver Membership - £30 a month = one in-person class a week*

    *When classes are available.

    TIP:  If you are a beginner, start with just one in-person class a week.  Focus on quality over quantity.  This will help you to focus your daily practice upon what you learn in class.  Avoid over-whelm.  There is no hurry in tai chi!
  • Live Zoom sessions (available to all monthly memberships):
    - Waking Wellbeing - Every weekday at 8 am (30 minutes)+

    +When sessions are available.

  • Members only access the Tai Chi Globe Portal, with exclusive practice videos and written materials.  You also have complete control over your own data.  Update your details any time.
  • Exclusive Member Only WhatsApp Group chat (Optional/Recommended)
    Tai Chi and Qigong are about more than connecting with our internal energy, through mind-body connection.  It is also a great way for us to connect with one another and the world around us.  One such way is through our member-exclusive access to the Tai Chi Globe WhatsApp group.  However, it is entirely optional but recommended for early notification of updates, Tai Chi Globe news and occasional additional content.

  • Training by a certified Tai Chi and Qigong Instructor by the British Health Qigong Association and Tai Chi for Health

To join, click upon the button below and enter your contact and payment details.  £30 will then be collected today and every 30 days automatically, until you decide to cancel.  Payment may be made by debit/credit card or PayPal.  You will then receive an email with immediate access to the Tai Chi Globe portal!

Would you like to try Tai Chi and Qigong, but you're not sure it is for you?  Maybe you have some questions you'd like answered first.  No problem.  You can book a free, no obligation, consultation with our Instructor, Lee Welch.  To make an appointment, click here.  Alternatively, you can  check out additional information  or contact us through our helpdesk here.

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